The Future of Phoenix’s Skyline

So far, this is old news, but it is something I’m extremely excited for, the addition of “The Pin” or “The Honey Dipper” to our skyline. The Pin is going to be 420 feet high, 70,000 square foot, and provide 360 degree views. This is Seattle’s Space Needle re-imagined for the 21st century in Phoenix.

Images from BIG, a Danish Architectural Firm.

Due to zoning restrictions in the 1950s, buildings were not allowed to reach certain heights mainly due to the inefficiency of air conditioning during that time (which would have created giant hot boxes of offices) and secondarily because of the ill-placement of our down town in relation to Sky Harbor (which is why our skyline is has no skyscrapers, especially since our downtown was built during the skyscraper era).

Image from BIG, a Danish Architectural Firm

“The 70,000 square foot tower was designed by BIG, a Danish architectural firm. In addition to the dramatic open air observation deck, the tower will contain an ever-changing series of exhibition spaces, along with some shops and restaurants. A new public square surrounded by shops will also be built at the base” (Source).

Image from BIG, a Danish Architectural Firm

I suspect many citizens will be bothered by this at first. In fact, there even seems to be a bit of backlash against the design, the location, the size, the obstruction of views, etc., etc. Which infamously reminds me of the backlashes against Seattle’s Space Needle originally, or even Paris’ Eiffel Tower:

“[Novelist] Guy de Maupassant, who hated the tower but still went to its restaurant [directly underneath the tower] every day. When asked why, he said it was because it is the only place in Paris were one cannot see the structure” (Source)

Image from BIG, a Danish Architectural Firm

Personally, I feel this will help set our city apart from other cities. We will finally have a unmistakable skyline, and another structure to view our gorgeous landscape and city which will promote our downtown.

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